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Model 1622 Adjustable Spreader Beam

Model 1622 Adjustable Spreader Beam

The Hoist-Rite™ Model 1622 spreader beam is the ideal solution for safely lifting large or expansive objects. Each end of the spreader beam adjusts outward from the center in one-foot increments, spanning from 16 feet to 22 feet. By making both ends adjustable, the 1622 remains more balanced than spreaders that use a single point of adjustment. This is because on the 1622 the heaviest section remains centered over the load, providing strength and support where it is needed most.


Designs that employ a single point of adjustment have one end that is heavier than the other, which can create an out-of-balance situation and can put undue stress on rigging components. When matched with Neufab’s Gripper™ Truss hooks, the 1622 becomes part of the perfect truss handling solution that is capable of quickly and safely handling even the largest of wood trusses.


Model number: 1622

Rated Capacity: 2400 LBS

Length: 16'-22'

Adjustment Increments: 12"

Weight: 140 LBS

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